Exports services

Would you like to sell your products in the international market by saving on an export manager costs ?

For your company can create and manage an international sales network:

  • Studying for your company different markets
  • Looking for new customers, agents and distributors
  • Planning a sales internationalization plan
  • Alongside your current commercial sector
Selling a product internationally means:
  • Access to new markets and new consumers
  • Have the specific know-how and have experience in international sales

Currently, the main competitors are those that have a greater presence in the international market, thus avoiding any risk linked and due to their own country. It ‘clear that to undertake a journey of this magnitude is not enough just to be present at the meetings and at international fairs.

What are the advantages of outsourcing exports for a PI and PMI ?
  • Rationalization of operating costs
  • Flexibility in the management of new projects
  • No necessity to have a fixed place and support to meet business expenses (car, telephone, computer, etc.)
  • Investment in staff contracts considerably reduced
  • Network collaboration with the companies in its sector