Also this year ICEX has made available funds to finance internationalization projects aimed at increasing the global competitiveness of companies and supporting them in approaching new markets.

Below is an excerpt from the ICEX-NEXT 2018 call.



Companies that are Small and Medium Enterprises (hereinafter SMEs) Spanish with export potential that wish to initiate or consolidate their international strategy, and that meet the following requirements may be beneficiaries of the program:

– Product, service or own brand.

– Potential exporter and whose export does not exceed 50% of its turnover or exceeding its export is made to a maximum number of five geographic markets and / or a maximum of six customers or exceeding its export figure is less than 250,000 euros or that surpassing the company has been constituted in the last two years.

– Qualified personnel committed to the implementation of the company’s internationalization project.

– Financial capacity for the execution of an international project that allows positioning the company abroad.

– Require advice to develop or promote its market access strategy and its business plan in them.

– Not having previously participated in initiation programs of ICEX.

– Willingness to share with other SMEs reflections and experiences in international markets.



Grant a total of 45 hours (30 compulsory hours plus 15 optional hours) of personalized advice to companies in the field of Internationalization provided by experts in different areas of internationalization and external competitiveness.

Likewise, the Program supports promotion and personnel expenses so that companies can implement the planned internationalization strategy. The following are susceptible concepts of support in this game

Market research.

– Dissemination and promotion material.

– Advertising.

– Participation as exhibitors at fairs.

– Prospecting and commercial trips.

– Promotional actions.

– Protection of intellectual property, certifications and homologations.

– Other Internationalization expenses.

– Hiring of a collaborator for the execution of the Internationalization Plan of the company



The maximum aid per beneficiary company is 9,800 euros, corresponding to 50% of ICEX co-financing in the cost of personalized advice and promotion and personnel expenses. The company must submit up to a maximum of 19,600 euros of expenditure made to which that percentage of 50% will be applied.

The total maximum amount of the grants convened in this call will be up to 4,500,000 euros.


Deadline for submission of applications:

From the day after the publication of this extract in the “Official State Gazette” until December 31, 2018.



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