IVACE Loan for the Development of International Plans


Project means any initiative to spend the actions envisaged in the international promotion plan carried out by the company for the introduction or consolidation of its goods or services on international markets

The project must have a minimum budget of 12,000 euros. For its calculation, the sum of the amounts of the eligible costs must be considered, with a maximum amount of 60,000 euros.


The actions of the international promotion plan should be able to be framed in the following type of international promotion activity:

  • Participation in international fairs or conferences abroad
  • Unique promotional events and actions abroad
  • Creation and adaptation of the company’s promotional material
  • Movements to the various international markets included in the international promotion plan.
  • Certification and homologation costs in target markets excluded from European Union countries
  • And any other initiative related to the activities that allow the consolidation and the international growth of the company, without in any case consisting in the creation and exploitation of distribution networks abroad or in other current expenses related to an export activity.

Promotional actions carried out in the national territory are excluded.



The purpose of the repayable assistance will be to grant a loan with an interest subsidy.

Features of the subsidized loan:

– Loan amount: 100% of the eligible costs, with a limit of 60,000 euros.

– Interest rate: 0% – Half-yearly amortization payments, up to the end of the three-year amortization period, unless otherwise approved by resolution of the president of IVACE.

– Guarantees: these can be made in cash or in the form of a financial guarantee provided by credit institutions or mutual guarantee companies which must cover both the guaranteed loan amount and any expenses arising from the breach of the obligation to repay. The guarantee will amount to 30% of the loan amount.

– No cost of study or opening of the operation.

Maximum aid amount: The aid described above will be subject to the de minimis scheme, which means that the total de minimis aid granted to a single company will not exceed € 200,000 over a period of three financial years.



  1. – Characteristics of the project. Maximum 70 points

a) Quality of the project. Maximum score of the group 55 points.

– Quality of the internationalization plan presented. Maximum 25 points

– Consistency between the objectives set by the company and the actions to be implemented. Maximum 20 points.

– Incorporation of shares in countries outside the European Union. Maximum 10 points

b) Viability of the project. Maximum group score 15 points.

– Economic economy of the project. The degree of economic solvency of the company will be assessed. Maximum 10 points

– Adjustment of the size and economic resources of the company to the plan envisaged by the company. Maximum 5 points


  1. – Characteristics of the applicant. Maximum 25 points

a) Human resources of the company. Maximum group score 20 points.

– Ratio between turnover volume and number of permanent employees in the company. Maximum 15 points.

– Availability of human resources in the international area of ​​the company. Maximum 5 points

b) Degree of internationalization of the company. Maximum score 5 points.

It will be considered positively for those companies that start in internationalization.


3.- It is also established as the social criterion applicable in the evaluation of the applications and with a maximum weighting of 5 points: the projects of companies that during the year 2018 contribute to NGOs or other charitable entities, provided that they contribute with the supporting documentation.



The elaboration of the procedure will be electronic. Electronic transmission will require the applicant company to have an electronic signature, or with the certificate of recognized entity, or with the certificate recognized for citizens (natural person), both issued by the certification authority of the Autonomous Community of Valencia, an electronic DNI, certificate of the National Factory of Currency and Stamp, as well as the certificates recognized in the list of certification service providers established in Spain, published in the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda. The final date within which the application needs to be done is the 18th of May 2018.

When the application does not meet the requirements of Law 39/2015, of October 1, Municipal Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, or is not accompanied by the documentation that according to this announcement is requested, the applicant will be required to – within a period of 10 working days from the day following receipt of the request – correct the lack or accompany the required documents.

Requirements will be made by electronic means and will be included in practice or rejected in the terms indicated in the Law 39/2015, of October 1, of Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations. In this sense, if ten calendar days pass without access to the content of the requirement, it will be understood that the notification has been rejected and that the notification will be considered completed.

Here is the link to the full text of this call: http://www.dogv.gva.es/datos/2018/03/08/pdf/2018_2410.pdf






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